Dr. Mariana Bubucea

The only urogynecologist and pelvic reconstruction surgeon in Miami


Dr. Mariana Bubucea

Mariana Bubucea is an experienced ob-gyn, urologist, pelvic reconstructive surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery.
She completed residency in ob-gyn at Maimonides Medical Center and earned here postgraduate medical degree in urology and gynecology and pelvic reconstruction surgery
Double board-certified by American Board of Оbstetrics and Gynecology in Оbstetrics and Gynecology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.
She has been living and practicing medicine in the United States for over 17 years


American Board
of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Board certified ob-gyn, urogynecologist and minimally invasive surgeon

The only doctor in Miami

practicing vaginal birth after previous C-section (based on the condition of the mother-to-be), vaginal birth of twins and triplets and natural breech birth

Russian-speaking doctor

Dr. Bubucea is an heir to the legendary Dr. Simion Tsinker. She holds the highest percentage of returning patients and patients referrals

Dr. Bubucea relies on the latest technology

Unique know-hows for C-section, vaginal plastics and postpartum recovery




You could request the office of Dr. Mariana Bubucea to issue an official visit invitation letter, which you could present at US border.
The letter costs USD 500. This service is non-refundable, and it will be applied to your OB-GYN contract in case of signing and finalization of the contract within one week after initial visit.

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When people ask me to recommend them a doctor in North Miami Beach, I always sincerely recommend Mariana Bubucea, MD. I even trusted Mariana with my own wife.

Marina Bubucea is a doctor with very deep theoretical knowledge, and a very good surgeon, which could only be judged by another doctor.


Dr Simion Tsinker

A leading Ob-Gyn in Miami

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