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What is included in the package for delivery?

• Consultation (initial appointment) 
Scheduled visits to the doctor (unlimited number of visits, the doctor will set out your individual appointments as required) 
• Postnatal visit to the hospital. 
• Postnatal visit to the office. 
• Urine and blood tests (standard record of analysis required to give birth in accordance with hospital regulations and doctor’s prescription). 
• Ultrasonic fetal biophysical profile (BPP) and cardiotocography (CTG) (unlimited and as per Doctor’s prescription). 
• Free consultation during the postnatal visit, if necessary laser vaginoplasty, treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose vein treatment and correction of body contours.

Can my husband be present at birth?

All your family members can attend the birth.

Do you help with signing a contract with the hospital or do you expect it to be done in advance and independently?

We will arrange for you to get acquainted with the hospital and help you to make a contract.

Whether the regular tests and analysis done in my country be suitable for the clinic or do i need to re-take them? If so, where and how can i organize this.

All tests performed in your country will be accepted at our clinic. Additional lab tests for the hospital will be performed in accordance with the Doctor’s orders.

What happens if the doctor is not available, away or with another patient?

The likelihood of such circumstances is practically reduced to zero, but in any case, you will be met at the hospital by the doctor on duty.

How many additional ultrasound tests are required of me?

Depends on doctor’s orders. During the examination the Doctor will carry out an ultrasound scan if necessary.

What documents are required at the first visit to the doctor?

You will need your passport and the latest medical results. No translation needed.

If I do not reside in Ukraine (Russia) – can I still use your service?

Of course you can, we will be happy to help you. Call or email us to discuss the details.

During what term it is better to fly to the USA?

We recommend you fly out on 30-33 weeks. Most airlines will take you on board up to 36 weeks.

I do not speak english. Can this be a problem?

No problem at all. Our staff will assist you in preparation of all your documents relating to the management of pregnancy, childbirth and the registration of the baby.

How many days do I need to stay in the hospital?

Standard period of stay in the hospital: 2 days when giving a natural childbirth and 3 days with a caesarean section delivery.

How long can you legally stay in the USA?

The legal term of your stay is the period of time which is specified in the passport by the customs officer at the border crossing. Usually it is six months, but if necessary, you can extend the period of stay for medical reasons.

How to obtain an airline ticket for the newborn?

Immediately after receiving all the documents for the baby, you need to call and inform the airline, the operator will register all the necessary data, and you can also book a cradle for the baby.

Is it possible to extend your stay in the USA for medical reasons?

Yes, it can be done.

What is involved in the service of organization of preservation of umbilical cord tissue?

This service includes the collection of biological material, its transportation and storage.

What is a “zero balance” report and why is it important?

It is a document stating the absence of any debt owed to the hospital.

What do I need to bring with me to birth?

Everything you will need is provided by the hospital, but you can bring whatever you think is necessary as well. You will need your passport and the latest medical results. No translation needed.


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